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AÑO 2019

Gabriel Lopez-Millan   Rafael Marin-Lopez   Fernando Pereniguez-Garcia  

"Towards a standard SDN-based IPsec management framework", Computer Standards & Interfaces, vol. 66, October, 2019

AÑO 2018

Jose M. Cecilia   Isabel Timón   Jesús Soto   José Santa   Fernando Pereniguez-Garcia   Andrés Muñoz  

"High-Throughput Infrastructure for Advanced ITS Services: A Case Study on Air Pollution Monitoring", IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, vol. 19, July, 2018, 2246

AÑO 2017

M. Ángel Guillén-Navarro   Fernando Pereniguez-Garcia   Raquel Martínez España  

"IoT-based System to Forecast Crop Frost", Intelligent Environments 2017:, April, 2017, Madrid (Spain)

Pedro J. Fernández   José Santa   Fernando Pereniguez-Garcia   Antonio F. Skarmeta  

"Towards seamless inter-technology handovers in vehicular IPv6 communications", Computer Standards & Interfaces, vol. 52, June, 2017, 85-96

Fernando Pereniguez-Garcia   José L. Abellán  

"Secure Communications in Wireless Network-on-Chips", January, 2017, Stockholm (Sweden)

AÑO 2015

José Santa   Pedro J. Fernández   Fernando Pereniguez-Garcia   Fernando Bernal   Antonio F. Skarmeta  

"A Vehicle Network Mobility Framework: Architecture, Deployment and Evaluation", April, 2015, Hong Kong (China)