Analysis of the integration of multi-criteria decision makingmethods on life cycle assessment in the context of renewable energy

Área de investigación: Renewable Energies Año: 2016
Tipo de publicación: Artículo en conferencia
Autores: Campos-Guzman, V.; Guerrero-Liquet, G. C.; Serrano-Luján, L.; Espinosa, N.; Sánchez-Lozano, Juan Miguel; García-Cascales, M. S.
Título del libro: " 20th International Congress on Project Management and Engineering”
Dirección: Cartagena, Spain
Mes: July
The life cycle assessment aims to compare and analyze the environmental impacts of products and services throughout their life cycle. The methodology used to perform this analysis is defined and standardized by the 14040/14044:2006. Since the life cycle assessment is an evaluation tool widely applied to various disciplinary areas, it presents a degree of inflexibility, and therefore a high degree of uncertainty when making a decision, mainly in the last stage in which the results are interpreted for possible improvements. This situation forces us to apply appropriate techniques to facilitate and improve the decision making process in the life cycle assessment. In this context, multi-criteria decision methods have proven to be a promising instrument that allows obtaining the best option from a set of available alternatives. In this direction, we believe that the application of these methods could significantly improve the process of decision making in the analysis of life cycle. Thus, in the overall framework of this paper, we propose to review and analyze the multi-criteria methods at different stages of a life cycle assessment in the renewable energy sector.