Offset project lessons learned in Defence acquisition programs. Add value tranfer activities to society

Área de investigación: Organization Management Año: 2016
Tipo de publicación: Artículo en conferencia
Autores: Roca-González, José-Luis; Sánchez-Lozano, Juan Miguel
Título del libro: " 20th International Congress on Project Management and Engineering”
Dirección: Cartagena, Spain
Mes: July
The several public defence acquisition programs are characterized at present international society by the need of providing, beside the enforcement of the national security of each country, the direct or indirect return of defence investment to the society itself through what is called compensatory actions. These actions are focused most often on creating a positive impact on the national industry, the national economic activity or both of them. One of the most relevant inconvenience of acquisitions processes is the limitation to develop inductive knowledge which lead to miss the chance of opening new profits for other activity sectors and therefore to improve the national industrial and organizational infrastructure. To face this limitation the Offset Projects show how the deductive and inductive knowledge can be provided together in defence and security acquisition processes, and therefore allows the society or the national Industry to take advantage of this circumstance by creating new products or new services of relevance for the national finances, in order to minimize the negative impacts of these acquisitions. The aim of this communication is to share the most relevant lesson about advantages and disadvantages that may be learned in relationship with this Projects