Comparative analysis of risks in photovoltaic installations:Murcia-Dominican Republic

Área de investigación: Renewable Energies Año: 2016
Tipo de publicación: Artículo en conferencia
Autores: Guerrero-Liquet, G. C.; Campos-Guzmán, V.; Sánchez-Lozano, Juan Miguel; García-Cascales, M. S.
Título del libro: " 20th International Congress on Project Management and Engineering”
Dirección: Cartagena, Spain
Mes: July
To identify the risks affecting the profitability of a project it is essential to meet the need of the users involved in the decision-making. Assessing judgments is currently a process that remains constant in risk management through experts. In the renewable energy sector it is necessary to determine the degree of uncertainty of the risks. Our interest is to demonstrate that applying the proposed model and a sensitivity analysis these risks can be predicted. The objectives of this study are to compare the identification of the risks of solar installations in the Region of Murcia and the Dominican Republic, and also to assess the risks with a sensitivity analysis using the Expert Choice software to simplify the decisionmaking process through the AHP method (Analytic Hierarchy Process). Raw data were taken through the combination of different methods used to identify risks. The model not only allows extracting knowledge from the experts, but also understanding the significant changes likely to occur. The comparative analysis of the multi-criteria decision is crucial in the selection of risks and shows that the results are robust and consistent which also allows you to make a better decision.