Vehicular ad hoc Networks: Standards, Solutions and Research

Área de investigación: Telematics Año: 2015
Tipo de publicación: Parte de libro Palabras clave: VANET, ISO, ETSI, C-ITS, ITS-Station, Vehicle ITS-S, Roadside ITS-S, Central ITS-S, Networking, Mobility, IPv6, Address auto-configuration, ICMPv6, NEMO, MCoA, IPsec, IKEv2
Autores: Pereñiguez, Fernando; Santa Lozano, José; Fernández, Pedro J.; Bernal, Fernando; Skarmeta, Antonio F.; Ernst, Thierry
Editor: C. Campolo, A. Molinaro, R. Scopigno Volumen: I
Capítulo: 9 Páginas: 253-282
Publisher: Springer
Número: 1 Edición: 1st
Mes: June
ISBN: 978-3-319-15496-1
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is envisaged to be the cornerstone for the future development of ITS services. Both research communities and standardization forums are considering IPv6 as a media-agnostic carrier for non time critical safety applications as well as for traffic management. This interest is based on the numerous benefits brought by IPv6: large addressing space able to cope with ambitious deployment scenarios such as the vehicular one, easier support of management operations related to node auto configuration, and native support of security mechanisms. This chapter surveys the current European standard specifications in the field of IPv6-based communications applied to cooperative ITS systems. The convenience of using IPv6 technology is demonstrated by identifying a wide set of relevant ITS specifications where the application of IPv6 networking protocols outperforms other solutions. Furthermore, this study is complemented with a performance assessment of IPv6 communications over a cooperative ITS scenario using a real IPv6-enabled communications stack compliant with the standardized ITS station reference architecture specified by International Standards Organization (ISO) and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).