Applying the Network Simulation Method for testing chaos in a resistively and capacitively shunted Josephson junction model

Área de investigación: Applied Mathematics Año: 2017
Tipo de publicación: Artículo Palabras clave: Electrical analogy, Network Simulation Method, Josephson junction, Chaos indicator, Fast Fourier Transform
Autores: Gimeno-Bellver, Fernando; Caravaca-Garratón, Manuel; Soto-Meca, Antonio; Vera-López, Juan Antonio; Guirao, Juan L. G.; Fernández Martínez, Manuel
Journal: Results in Physics Volumen: 7
Páginas: 813-822
ISSN: 2211-3797
In this paper, we explore the chaotic behavior of resistively and capacitively shunted Josephson junctions via the so-called Network Simulation Method. Such a numerical approach establishes a formal equivalence among physical transport processes and electrical networks, and hence, it can be applied to efficiently deal with a wide range of differential systems. The generality underlying that electrical equivalence allows to apply the circuit theory to several scientific and technological problems. In this work, the Fast Fourier Transform has been applied for chaos detection purposes and the calculations have been carried out in PSpice, an electrical circuit software. Overall, it holds that such a numerical approach leads to quickly computationally solve Josephson differential models. An empirical application regarding the study of the Josephson model completes the paper.
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